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Winzen, Thomas, Rik De Ruiter, and Jofre Rocabert. Is parliamentary attention to the EU strongest when it is needed the most? National parliaments and the selective debate of EU policies. European Union Politics, March 2018

Rocabert, Jofre, Frank Schimmelfennig, Thomas Winzen, and Loriana Crasnic. The Rise of International Parliamentary Institutions: Authority and Legitimacy. The Review of International Organizations  2019 DOI: 10.1007/s11558-018-9326-3. Winner of the Geneva Award 2018 of the Swiss Network for International Studies.

The Rise of International Parliaments. Strategic Legitimation in International Organizations. with Frank Schimmelfennig, Tobias Lenz, Thomas Winzen, Loriana Crasnic, Jana Lipps, Densua Mumford, and Cristina Gherasimov. Oxford University Press 2020

Winzen, Thomas, and Jofre Rocabert. Citizen-centred or state-centred? The representational design of international parliamentary institutions. Review of International Studies 2020. Volume 47 Issue 1 , January 2021 , pp. 128 – 153 DOI:


The legitimacy of International Organizations: a large-scale media frames analysis

Datasets hosted in Harvard Dataverse

International Parliamentary Institutions Dataset

This dataset collects information on 54 international parliamentary institutions (IPIs) from 1945 to 2019. The project was funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation, NCCR challenges to democracy in the 21st century, and ETH Zurich.

UN Treaty Series Dataset

This set contains data from the United Nations Treaty Series between 1945 and 2016. The data contains 50040 treaties and is taken from the World Legal Information Institute. It might be incomplete in comparison to United Nations direct sources. The rows contain the treaties, and the columns the attributes, such as the title of the treaty, its year of signature, and each party that is part of the treaty. The dataset also contains columns for parties that are not countries but international organizations and several columns on treaty characteristics, such as year, number of parties, the share of parties that are international organizations, and others.

Membership to International Organizations 1945-2013

This set contains rows for country-year between 1945 and 2013, and binomial columns for their membership to the most important international organizations, derived from the sample of “Measuring International Authority” by Liesbet Hooghe et al. (2017). The columns have the stub “io_” followed by the acronym of the IO as used most frequently. The set includes the columns polity, which indicates the democratic standing of the country-year according to the Polity V set.

Teaching experience

2015, 2016 ‘Development and Current Issues of European Integration’ at ETH Zurich. Sessions on the democratic deficit of the European Union, parliamentary reactions to integration and the geopolitics of Europe.

2015, 2016, 2017 Tutoring sessions and lectures in the BA level ‘Comparative Politics’ at the University of St. Gallen.

2017 ‘Methods I’ tutorial and lectures at MA level, ETH Zurich.

2017 Lecture series ‘Opportunities and challenges of Europe in Globalization’ in the Global Politics Fall School in Amman. German-Jordanian University and the Center for Global Politics at the Free University of Berlin.

2020, 2021, 2022 Empirical bases for the study of international relations. Open University of Catalonia.