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I am a member of the Catalonia Global Institute. My contributions can also be found on my page.

Blog posts

Citizen-centred or state-centred? The representational design of International Parliamentary Institutions (January 2021) Posted at the blog of The British International Studies Association.

The European Union is an International Organization (January 2021) Version in Catalan

Què falla en el model català de cooperació al desenvolupament? (October 2021)

The future of International Geneva (December 2021). Posted at the Blog of Foraus, the Swiss foreign policy think tank. Version in Catalan posted at the site of the Catalonia Global Institute.

El Parlament de Catalunya davant del món (November 2022)

Regionalisme i Regionalització a la Mediterrània (November 2022)

Regionalism and Regionalization in the Mediterranean (November 2022)


Entrevista a Nació Digital (Abril 2021)

Entrevista a Catalunya Exterior (Febrer 2021)

Radio show on traveling

I contributed to a travel radio show on Catalunya Ràdio, recounting my travels while providing context on the political situation of the destinations. Here are the links (in Catalan).

eSwatini   –  Tusheti, Georgia  –  Belarus   –  Somaliland   –  TransnistriaIsraelRepublic of Artsakh

Curs de teoría realista en les relacions internacionals

Diapositives de les sessions de teoría en el marc del curs de realisme en relacions internacionals del Global Catalonia Institute (Juliol 2021)